from your POV 



Videoinstallation, Animation, 


A 2 channel - music video inspired by aesthetics from flash and GoPro clips.

I looked at old animations from the early 2000s that dealt with emotional issues.

I noticed that there was a discrepancy between what was conveyed and the images displayed. The emotions described, because of the “ugly” animation, became humorous instead of sad.

It became a parody.
I wanted to experiment with what happens when you sing about something nostalgic (break-up) and then show it with a technique that has now become nostalgic.
Can I set the viewer in my perspective?

or will I get the same result as I felt with

the animation videos - a discrepancy.

A gap between emotions.

had its premiere at

exhibition in collaboration with: 
Matilde Søes Rasmussen.  Cecilie Penny.  Jenny Johansson.  Alexander Nico Ingversen.